Things to See Around
Mount Calib-ungan

Hiking & Biking Trails Galore

Mount Calib-ungan is home to a host of hiking and biking opportunities. The views of nature on the mountain are amazing to see. The surrounding mountain range; the Bucao River with it’s wonderful lahar fields; and the West Philippine Sea are always a spectacular sight.

Zambales Beaches of the
West Philippine Sea

Visit the endless wonderful clean healthy beaches along the west coast of Zambales. Enjoy a dip in the refreshing water or watch local fishermen cast their nets and pull in the day’s big catch.

ADELicacy Hangout & Restaurant

Near the end of the paved road that winds up the side of Mount Calib-ungan is a very cool hangout where you can grab some coffee and a delicious bite to eat. Make sure to climb their look-out tower for some great photos and selfies.

National Arboretum of Zambales​

Once you reach the end of the cement road up the side of Mount Calib-ungan, start hiking up the trail and for 20 minutes. There you will see what is known as the National Arboretum of Zambales and stunning views of the West Philippine Sea, Botolan and the beautiful mountains of Zambales. Cliff-side View: 15.253362,120.042250.

Camping on Zambales Beaches

Explore the endless opportunities for camping on Zambales’ lovely beaches. Several options come to mind: KuBotolan Beach Camp; Sandy Toes Beach Camp; and Raga Beach Camp. All are within a few kilometers of Mount Calib-ungan.

Botolan Wildlife Farm

Do you enjoy a nice day at the zoo? Then visit this quaint wildlife sanctuary in Botolan. The kids will love it. It’s a one of a kind family run zoo farm with onsite accommodations. For vacationing families this animal refuge is surely worth a visit.

Camp Kainomayan

Camp Kainomayan sits right on the Bukao River. It’s a unique type of campground, and an outdoor experience like no other. Pitch a tent or rent one of their many cabins or kubo. Picnic on land or right in the river on supplied tables. It’s quite a site to see. 

Sundowners Beach Villas, Botolan

How does a nice high-end vacation sound? It doesn’t get much better than Sundowners Beach Villas in Botolan. This is a world-class resort right near our favorite Botolan mountain. You can even arrange a trip up to Mount Calib-ungan from the Sundowners’ office.

The Municipality of Iba

Miss the big city? The Zambales Provincial Capital and the Municipality of Iba is only 10 Km away. Iba has everything you need, from beautiful beaches and accommodations to shopping and even a local airport.

Bagsit River Iba & Paluig

Enjoy the clean clear water of the Bagsit River in Iba. Check out the beautiful views nature has to offer, while cooling down from the summer heat. This location is only 20 Km from Mount Calib-ungan. Want more river adventures? Visit the Bagsit River in Paluig as well, about 20 Km to the east of Iba as the crow flies.